Fees and Charges Private Charges in General Practice

FAQs Why is there a charge for this letter/service?


The NHS provides certain services which GPs offer and for which they are paid by the NHS. There are many things which patients request from GPs which are not covered by this.

All of these things need to be paid for as as they require the use of our business resources. How long will it take? We aim to complete all forms within 7 working days and all letters within 7 working days of receipt.

No documents are released before payment is made.

Why do private services take longer than NHS services? We generally prioritise NHS “jobs”. Most doctors are here for around 12+ hours a day doing their NHS work. Private work is done on top of that.

We find time for it by staying even longer to do this work. I only need a quick letter. Why does it cost that much? Private services are entirely optional. We actually don’t have to offer any of them. We do so because we know that patients sometimes find the services valuable and we know that it can be hard to find another private provider.

However we have to value our own time and that of our staff – so we set our costs accordingly. I need a taxi/HGV medical and I don’t have any medical conditions. Why does it cost the same for me as for someone with a complex history? We charge a standard fee for all taxi and HGV medicals. We are filling in the same legal documents regardless of your medical condition. Sometimes some patients do take longer than others but we take the view that this is the fairest way of doing this.


Private letters / forms / insurance reports /PCO and HGV

Price from £20.00-120.00