Personal details

Changing your details

Have you recently changed your name? Address? Contact Number?

Let us know so that we can update all of our records with your accurate details.

If we need to contact you, or refer you to a specialist, we need to make sure that all of your details are correct to avoid your referral being delayed.

To change your details please follow the appropriate steps to ensure that we process your details as fast and accurately as possible. 

Postal address

Have you recently moved? To avoid us from sending you letters to the wrong address, please inform us of your new address, In order to change this on your personal records, we will need you to provide Proof of Address for any person aged over 16yrs that has moved with the new address on the letter.

We accept the following letters for changing your address:

  • Utility Bills
  • Bank Statement (no more than 3 months old)
  • Home Office Letters
  • Council Letters

We only accept official letters.

Contact number

We do not need you to come into the practice to change your contact details. This may be your home or mobile number. You can simply call us on 0208 472 5234 and the receptionist will be happy to change your contact details over for you.


We have a strict Confidentiality Policy.

We do not disclose any patient information to outside companies. Therefore, your records and details are always safe with the practice.