Patient Champions

Patient champions
Our patient champions are individuals who have been kind enough to offer their support to others in similar situations. They have a wealth of personal experience in their own condition and can provide some incredibly useful insight to those newly diagnosed, or those struggling with a condition.

We are very grateful to their contribution, if you believe that you would be a good patient champion please contact us. 

You should also have a look at our Health Advice Leaflets for important information.


Smoking cession & COPD

Helen is our COPD patient champion and has successfully managed to stop smoking with sheer willpower and determination.
She  can really talk you through the highs and lows of the process of giving up  smoking as nobody understands better than her!

she has noticed that since she stopped smoking her breathing has improved and she has less exacerbations of her illness.

Why not talk to someone who really knows what that nicotine craving is like who can support you through those cravings?

Heart disease & exercise

Michael is our heart disease champion. He also  battles with diabetes and trying to lose weight. He is also a carer which leaves him little time to care about his own health.

Michael understands that without looking after his own health, he cannot give anything to those he looks after.
Why not come and listen to his inspirational story and see if he can help you learn how to manage your heart disease

Diabetes & healthy eating

Alice is our diabetes champion. Although very young to have diabetes Alice has not let that affect her life one bit!
She works full time  and studies at university on top!
Alice did not want to rely on  diabetes injections completely and with healthy eating and exercise she lost weight which helped her sugar levels go down by themselves.
Why not come and get some weight loss tips from our champion?

Cancer & screening

Gillian is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed as she went for her screening mammogram invitation.
She is very happy she did go as her cancer was caught early and now she can still play with her grandson.

Gillian is an expert on helping you if you need to talk to someone about this frightening illness and will even accompany you to your mammogram if you are unsure about attending.
She has a wealth of information about the right bras to buy after mastectomy and is a great shoulder to lean on.
Come and talk to this inspirational lady!

Childhood illness

Adriana is superwoman!

she cares for her daughter who has severe learning disabilities and is in a wheelchair.

has this stopped her and her daughter enjoying life? no way!

Adriana has learned to manage common illnesses in her children by herself but also knows when its important to call the doctor.
Our children are our most precious gifts in this life and we want to keep them safe, why don’t you talk to Adriana who can give you great tips for how to help your child with coughs and colds and constipation and diarrhoea- you may find her more sympathetic than your GP!!

Young people

Nancy is in her twenties and is well aware that teenage life is not easy

if you have exam stress or boyfriend hassles or just want to know about sexually transmitted diseases (but are too afraid to ask!) why not come and talk to Nancy who can give you information and signpost you in the right direction if you need more information

you may just want to have a chat with her about how your body and mind are changing at this exciting but scary time in your life!