West Ham United Foundation visits the Old Bailey

Dr Farzana Hussain was invited & has the opportunity to talk about how the NHS is working with @WHUFoundation to keep our young people safe from knife crime. Truly inspiring to see so many patrons, ambassadors & trustees so keen to support our young in our community

To see the full article – https://www.whufc.com/news/west-ham-united-foundation-visits-old-bailey

Dr Farzana Hussain, co-lead of the NHS and WHUF knife crime pilot project, GP at The Project Surgery and Clinical Director of Newham Central 1 Primary Care Network, said: “As we know the statistics are bad, knife crime is rising. This is more than just health, if we really want to tackle knife crime and keep our young people safe, it has to be more than just one sector.

“This is where I think an evening like this has shown actually how many different parts of society are willing to make a change here and I think that’s where West Ham United Foundation have been like the glue and brought us all together.”